Aukee 55W H11 HID Kit H8 H9 Xenon Headlight Conversion with Canbus Error Free Ballast-5000K


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Color:5000K  |  Size:H11

CANBUS Technology – 55W AC Power with CANBUS Technology can be compatible with 95% Cars, the Similar Current Value with the Original System make the Best CANBUS Capacity, Just Confirm Your Bulb Size Before Place an Order.

Easy and Simple Installation – They are easy and straight forward to fit. Usually takes less than 20 Minutes! Just Plug and Play. No cutting, merging or headaches. Everything You Need is Included!

Ballast Specifications
★ Start Current: 7.5A max
★ Working Current: 4.2A
★Output Power: 55W
★ Input Voltage: 9-16V
★ Operating Temperature: -30~85
★ Storage Temperature: -40~105

HID Bulb Specification:
1) Color temperature: 4300k ( warm white),5000k(white),6000k(cold white),8000k(crystal blue)
2) Luminous flux: 4300lm
3) High brightness: Three times luminous flux as that of halogen tungsten lamp
4) Long lifetime: 3, 0000hrs
5) Low power consumption
6) Replacement HID xenon bulbs for car HID xenon conversion kits
7) 55W output power
8) Fits 95% of types of cars with canbus system.

Please Kindly Note:
As Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel and Ford F15 have complex canbus system, even most headlight of HID or LED with canbus function can’t 100% be compatible with these two cars, ours neither. So please don’t place order if your car model is above two model.

If any Problem About Our Product, Please Feel Free to Contact Us. Aukee Team are Always at Your Service.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
✔55W Can-Bus HID Ballast- This Canbus hid kit can stop up to 95% vehicles’ CANBUS error warnings and flickering, more stable and reliable. Can be used in most 2015 2016 new vehicles.
✔Low power consumption – Produces up to 3 times brighter light then traditional halogen, 35% less power consumption, thus generate much less heat during operation. improve visibility.
✔Kit includes – 2 x HID 55w Bulbs, 2x 12V AC Canbus Ballasts, Necessary Wiring, Connectors and Accessories.
✔Aukee Customer Service & Quality – 2 Yr Warranty, Canbus HID Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit, if there is any question about our product, please feel free to contact us, message will be replied in 24h.
✔Easy and Simple Installation- Simply Plug-and-Play for most vehicles (no wire cutting required). Directly replaces your stock H11 halogen bulbs with HID Xenon Bulbs. Can replace any light that uses the H11 bulb size.

Questions & Answers (43)

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A

    Hello, H7 Headlight Bulb Low Beam and H7 Headlight Bulb High Beam can work on you car. This kit is suitable for 95% vehicles. Thanks

    By SELLER on May 18, 2018

  2. A

    IDK...look up what type of bulb your vehicle uses and get the HID with the same bulb type.

    By Prosphoto on November 14, 2018

  3. A

    Mi car es Chevy Silverado 2008

    By arturo mares on April 28, 2018

  4. A

    I cannot answer that I’m sorry it does fit my 2011 rav4

    By Levent ozturk on August 24, 2018

  5. A

    Installed on my Odyssey w/o relay. Just plug and play. Not sure about your situation

    By C. Garcia on December 8, 2017

    As long as it the ones that fit your car no I put on a wrx no relay direct fit plug and play.

    By Amazon Customer on December 8, 2017

  6. A

    Yes, H11 kit will work for your vehicle low beam and also for hign beam.

    By SELLER on December 6, 2017

  7. A

    H11 kit will work for your vehicle Headlight Bulb Low Beam and 9005 kit will work for hign beam. Thanks!

    By SELLER on December 6, 2017

  8. A

    It can be used for one or the other. If you need a bulb that can switch from low to hi beam, you need the bi-xenon kit.

    By Michael Mason on April 7, 2018

  9. A

    Make sure you know the Bulb size of your 2011 sienna and it will fit.

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

  10. A

    Will this fit my 2017 infiniti qx50 (projector halogen low beams) - amazon questions the fit?.

    By SELLER on September 18, 2017

  11. A

    They are just single bulbs they are not dual on my 05 Malibu the H 7s are the low beams but eight seven could be used as a high beam hope that answers your question they are very very good one of the best kits I've had

    By Amazon Customer on November 19, 2018

    Bulb are all the same, the mechanism in the headlights make them dual.

    By Dmitriy on November 21, 2018

    They aren’t they are headlight not high and low beam light

    By DoMDeL on November 21, 2018

    not sure.

    By Tsvika B. on November 19, 2018

  12. A

    Go to contact seller and message them directly and let them know whats going on

    By andrew rivera on November 29, 2018

  13. A

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your question. This kit come with all plug and play. No extra things needed.

    By SELLER on December 6, 2017

  14. A

    No everything is in the kit you need. Works great i am happy with what i got.

    By Amazon Customer on September 20, 2018

  15. A

    Unsure. I bought it for a 2015 dodge ram 3500

    By teri on November 21, 2018

  16. A

    Hello ,we are so sorry about this inconvenience for you , as for this situation We want to confirm which part has a problem. You can let the bulbs to connect opposite ballasts. After change position, if bulb can work perfectly , it means bulb has no problem, but the ballast is defective. Or the bulb is defective , PlS TEST IT . then email us , we will try our best to solve this problem for you ! Regards

    By SELLER on January 10, 2018

  17. A

    This kits will always work will either type of headlight housings although you need to make sure your housing can handle the heat of an HID bulb

    By dominic trivino on January 2, 2019

    HID should absolutely go in projector lamps only otherwise the beam pattern is all over and can blind oncoming traffic.

    By Kevin on January 2, 2019

    It works for all type of headlight housing.

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

  18. A

    Hi, thanks a lot for your question. Aukee H7 will work for your vehicle low beam and also for hign beam.

    By SELLER on December 6, 2017

  19. A

    Hi, if your toyota tacoma 3rd generation has H11 bulbs, then it will work. Just double check your owner manual to confirm the bulb stocket, thanks!

    By SELLER on September 10, 2018

  20. A

    A really is not needed. The ballast does all the work.

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

  21. A

    What STD light bulb does it use?

    By Knowitfixit on October 31, 2018

    Depends on the type of bulb you have now

    By Buffalo Subs on November 1, 2018

  22. A

    As long as the bulb sizes match. I used them on a Nissan Titan and Toyota Highlander and they fit perfectly. Works very well for the Nissan being the it has a reflective low beam housing. The led lights would just scatter and the light pattern was not bright enough.

    By Steven Brown on December 15, 2018

  23. A

    This kit is plug and play, no additional adapter is needed.

    By Tracy Razz on August, 2017

  24. A

    If it takes the H11 lamp it should. You do have to have a place to mount or zip tie the ballast in place otherwise it will be bouncing around. I will say I returned these because one stopped working and then started working. I bought LED instead. So I don’t recommend them for that reason. The light output was great though.

    By April on December 11, 2018

  25. A

    Auto lights come on automatically, the sensor is typically on your dash

    By Ryan A on October 20, 2018

  26. A

    Ballast is enough. Just make sure each headlight is getting the same amount of voltage

    By Amazon Customer on November 5, 2018

  27. A

    Yes. Is plug and play

    By Kemraj… on December 1, 2018


    By Ashik on December 1, 2018

  28. A

    Yes, H7 HID is suitable for your car.

    By SELLER on May 31, 2018

  29. A

    Does your car use an h7 bulb if so it will fit if not it wont

    By Knowitfixit on November 14, 2018

    How hard is it to look it up yourself. Find out what bulb fits your car and order it.

    By David Williams on November 14, 2018

  30. A

    Yes make sure you get the right bulb size

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

  31. A

    5k is white and 6k is white with a hint of blue.

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

  32. A

    I installed these on my 2008 BMW 528i without relay and no flicker at all.

    By Sowell & Son LLC on November 14, 2018

  33. A

    if your car original bulb is same with this one, it can work on your car !

    By SELLER on January 29, 2018

  34. A

    Make sure that you check the polarity of the plug. You might need to plug it in the other way as I had the same issue on 08 Benz c300

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

  35. A

    No you can zip tie it or use double sided tape. Zip ties are best because the glue on double sided tape may come off in warm temperatures.

    By Steven Brown on May 6, 2018

    Doubtful, its a big ballast. Unless you plan on ruining the seal to your headlight and also worry about it heating up inside there.

    By Psychocy on May 6, 2018

    As long as you have enough room I don't see why not. They don't seem to get hot.

    By jeff moore on May 7, 2018

  36. A

    yes I do believe it will

    By DoMDeL on October 30, 2018

  37. A

    As long as you will buy the right size, it will work. For someone all it needs is a pack of six.

    By Dmitriy on December 7, 2017

    If that’s the size of your headlight it will and if it is you’ll just need zip ties to secure the ballast quite simple to install

    By DoMDeL on December 8, 2017

  38. A

    Hi, dear , 4300 and 5000K are available, pls check the link again. Any other question pls feel free to send us message, we will take care of your concern timely. Thanks!

    By SELLER on November 10, 2017

  39. A

    It starts immediately, but it takes 5-6sec before you get full intensity.

    By Montanawoodsman on May 4, 2018

  40. A

    I've had HID lights in my vehicles for more than 20 years in the beginning HID lighting cost as much as $600 this spoty lighting you're referring to has nothing to do with the HID bulbs, has everything to do with the cheap headlight that you're putting it in The reflector in the headlights or the project ,whatever type of headlight you put it in is the problem and is what is causing this spoty lighting not the bulbs You're only going to get a nice even beam pattern from a headlight that is designed for HID lights from the factory a set of high quality aftermarket projector headlights will help with having a nice beam pattern and eliminate a lot of the spottiness You're Referring to Make sure the projector's are designed for HID lighting otherwise they will melt Some the high heat that high that High intensity discharge creates

    By dominic trivino on September 30, 2018

    I have consistent lighting from these, no dark spots on the road. Only thing with this is that at 6000k its has a slight yellow to it so if you want pure white id go up one. Otherwise its a good buy for the price.

    By sagarp041 on September 30, 2018

    I installed these in my Mercedes CLK and had no issues with clarity

    By Amazon Customer on October 30, 2018

  41. A

    Yes check bulb size

    By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2019

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